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Nina…my Nina..always gets me together.


D’Angelo was one of the founders and leading lights of the neo-soul movement of the mid- to late ’90s, which aimed to bring the organic flavor of classic R&B back to the hip-hop age. Modeling himself on the likes of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Curtis Mayfield, and Al Green, D’Angelo's influences didn't just come across in his vocal style — like most of those artists, he wrote his own material, and frequently produced it as well, helping to revive the concept of the R&B auteur. His debut album, Brown Sugar, gradually earned him an audience so devoted that the follow-up, Voodoo, debuted at number one despite a five-year wait in between.”



Improvised Music’s Archives (part 9):

Doctone (Branford Marsalis) - Branford Marsalis Quartet.

From the album “Requiem”

My favorite track from this beautiful album, which is Kenny Kirkland’s final recorded performance (“Doctone” was Kenny’s nickname). The whole album was recorded in just one session, and the musicians planned to go back to studio to re-record a few takes. Kenny’s playing is spectacular as always - those monster, McCoy Tyner-like chords at the intro are amazing. It’s a great posthumous tribute to this very missed pianist.

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Sly & The Family Stone Color Me True

Me the Machine - Imogen Heap

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